The Legendary Street Racing Car of Nissan 350z Specs

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Among the legendary names of cars that you can choose as your perfect choice to hit the street is the 350z from Nissan with such outstanding Nissan 350z specs. Being the so called re-creation of the old and glorious Datsun 240z, this car is many people’s favorite for sure. One nice fact about its predecessor the 240z, it has been so successful in creating a new class since the price was so affordable in such high performance specs. It was precisely in the middle of the cheap and expensive sport cars back then.

Today, that particular thing remains the same. The latest version of 350z manufactured by Nissan has its price of only $26,809 with pretty much of something to be proud of compared to various other cars in the same of at least close to its class. An example is the Toyota MR2 with its price around $23,800 with just a lower performance compared to the 350z itself. The 350z is clearly your better choice if you are looking for a more powerful car on the road since it has the price which is not that much higher than the MR2.

Furthermore, in term of the horsepower that the 350z could offer, the 287 horsepower is close to the horsepower of Porsche 911 for sure. Yet the price of that 911 of Porsche is way up higher that the Nissan. It is two and a half times of the price of Nissan 350z. That makes it pretty reasonable that many people prefer to have this one over those expensive cars in just the same or at least closely similar performance stats of this 350z.

Such awesome price and performance ratio of this 350z is caused by the use of mass-produced components of other Nissan manufactured cars. The engine of the car itself is originated from the Altima and also the Infiniti QX4. The engine itself is a piece of V-6, 3.5-liter, 24-valve, quad-cam engine unit which delivers a high performance as previously mentioned.

Moreover the engine itself is not just being transferred from the Altima or QX4 but there have been some adjustments made by Nissan engneers. The main purpose is to increase the performance of the car itself. In result the output given by that engine is in about 10% higher even compared to the G35 of Infiniti. More into the Nissan 350z specs includes the 18/25 mpg level which is pretty good for such powerful car.

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