The Fastest RC Car in the World Manufactured by Traxxas

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Among those toy lovers especially RC car lovers, the title of fastest RC car in the world is an important title for sure. Well, if you are not one of those lovers of RC cars, do you want to know about the fact that there is a particular type of RC car in the world which could run up to 100 mph? Just in case that you cannot believe such thing, it really is true. There is a piece of RC car manufactured by Traxxas which is really the one given the title of the fastest one in the world.

The actual piece of the RC car that is stated to be the fastest in the world is the XO-1 of Traxxas. It may not really be a real car since it has only 1/7 scale to the real car but it definitely has great performance to talk about. In the world of RC cars, this particular car is like the Holy Grail that everyone wants to have. Some people even said that if the XO-1 is a real manufactured car, it can even be one of the fastest or quickest cars in the world today.

So, the XO-1 of Traxxas is really a pretty amazing RC car with its ability to turn from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds. Furthermore it can go from 0 mph to 100 mph in only 4.92 seconds. Having those abilities in term of the acceleration, it is pretty obvious that the XO-1 is stated to be the fastest one of those millions of RC cars in the world.

Aside of having its great performance in term of the speed and acceleration, the car itself has a nice shade of exotic car. Thus if you have a dream for a long time to have a fast exotic car, this one could really be your choice since it will not cost you a lot like real cars out there. Despite of the fact that you may not be one of those RC lovers, you may need to get your hands on it just to have fun.

Just in case that you do not want to get this version of RC from Traxxas, you may also buy the RTR version which is also a great piece of RC car. RTR stands for Ready-To-Run which means that the car itself is a fully assembled one. It is a perfect choice for beginners to start playing RC cars. Either one of your choice, the RTR has the same high level of quality as the XO-1 under the title of the fastest RC car in the world.

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