The Dodge Avenger Specs for 2014 Year Model to Avenge the Roads

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You may have been very familiar with the name Avengers out of superheroes movies created by Marvel that turns out to be completely separated from the Dodge Avenger specs in form of a car. Clearly the name of the car itself has been so attractive for some people. Moreover the actual look of the car itself is also pretty nice so that more and more people want to get one. One more thing is definitely the complete specification of the car itself that bring it into popularity today.

In brief, the specification of this Avenger car of Dodge includes 21/30 mpg level, front wheel drive, 4-speed automatic transmission, 5 passengers capacity, 4 doors, and that it has its sizing grouped in the mid-size cars according to the EPA class of car size. Having just that brief information regarding the car itself, can you really guess the actual performance of the car in all aspects?

Unfortunately in its performance related matters, this particular car is not that staggering. Try to look at the combination of a 2.4-liter V-4 in its peak power of 173-horsepower along with a 4-speed automatic transmission or in a 6-speed automatic transmission. Those things in combination to deliver the performance of the car are clearly not that good. Fortunately you can go for the upgraded version of the engine in the specification of a 3.6-liter V-6 to deliver its peak power of 283-horsepower in 6-speed automatic transmission.

The second option is a way better version for a kind of hard acceleration but if you are using it in a stop-and-go traffic, you will experience shuddering problem for sure. Moreover if you have a concern that is really high regarding the environment and also the budget that you have to spend in buying the car, this 2014 Avenger of Dodge is definitely not your best bet to come up with. The basic version that is the Se has its mpg level of 21/30 that brings it into the back of the pack in its class.

Moreover in its upgraded SXT version you will get the somewhat the same mpg level of 20/31. Clearly you can still get a group of better cars in term of the mpg level within the same class as this Dodge Avengers. Just by taking a consideration about those matters of this so Dodge Avenger specs in the year model of 2014, have you made your choice about it?

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