The 2016 Tacoma Specs for Considerations before Buying It

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It is clearly common that people will consider everything at first before buying a thing including a car so that thinking about the 2016 Tacoma specs is essential before you really buy it in the end. So, what you are looking for in the specifications of this new version of Toyota Tacoma for the year model of 2016? There are surely many new features and improvements that have been made by the engineers of Toyota to ensure the better car alone with the better performance of it.

One of the new features that you can get from this car is a piece of new powertrain. Despite of the new piece of powertrain, it has significant carry-overs form the previous version of the Tacoma. The base of the car itself is a 2.7-liter V-4 engine in standard type of 5-speed manual transmission. Moreover you can also get the so called upgraded version which is using a piece of 3.5-liter V-6 engine for a clearly better performance on the road. Up to this point you will now know that one of the improvements is in term of the performance of the car itself.

Furthermore, while remains in the engine related aspects, the engine used in this car is using the so called D-4S port which was previously installed in the Scion FR-S in the US. In some other places the car is being sold under the name of Toyota 86, Lexus IS350, and even Lexus GS350.

This particular feature is essential because the engine is much more efficient by using the injection port at lower speeds. Such feature is said to be able to boost the power of the ca itself into a 40 to 50 more horsepower. Are you ready for more power out of the Toyota Tacoma now? Aside of the important matters of performance, there are also other things in the complete specification of the car which you may consider.

This car is having 17 feet and 8.3 inches length, 6 feet and 2.4 inches width, 9.4 inches ground clearance, and 5 feet and 10.6 inches of height. It has a 21.1 gallon capacity tank of the fuel with its mpg level of 19/23. Having those specifications in term of the main feature of this car, what do you think? Do you think that the 2016 Tacoma specs are exactly the specs that you are looking to be in your car?

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