New Dodge Charger RT Specs: More Powerful with New Features

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Dodge Charger RT Specs are more aggressive and impressive. It is updated for both outside and inside. There are new improvements like 8 speed automatic transmissions that become the standard. You will see RT model and RT Scat Pack where both of them have amazing appearance with powerful performance. This car promises muscle, style, agility, and excellence. Still, the king of Dodge Charger is for Hellcat. RT is just far below the Hellcat power and performance.
Overall, this car will become bold, brassy and really distinctive. It is more spacious than before even comparing with the rivals. New Dodge Charger RT will be equipped with new electronic and safety features. You will see the frontal collision warning as well as mitigation system. Infotainment and advanced technologies features are equipped. More powerful engine will be equipped to add more HP and higher performance. Let’s see how the new look of the exterior and interior design.
For the exterior design, this new Dodge Charger RT keeps the distinctive look with traditional retro style. Indeed, it has new developments. You can look at the narrow grille that is revamped. LED headlamps are in round shape and have small size. From the front to the side and back, all is improved following the fresher styles. 20 inch wheels are equipped. Look at the spoiler, air consumption and bumpers that are changed. The exterior design looks very stylish and modern.
Inside, you can expect more here. There are plenty of features inside. You can start with U-connect infotainment that is well organized. The dashboard looks excellent with easy to use controls. The handling is more responsive. Even, by some improvements, this car has a very smooth riding. The roomier space is getting more adorable with high quality material. Excellent touchscreen electronics are also equipped, combined with comfortable seat to make the passengers enjoy the trip even if it takes time. Overall, the interior design is refreshed, updated, and upgraded.
For the Dodge Charger RT Specs, you will find this car is equipped with 5.7 liter Hemi V8 engine. It can generate 370 HP and 395 lb ft of torque. It is lower than the RT Scat Pack that is powered with 6.4 liter V8 engine and can produce 485 HP. This engine is enough to show the muscle of RT on the street. You can compare Charger RT with the rivals from the specs to the performance and price. Read the reviews of the rivals here.

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