Mustang GT500 Specs: New Beast with More Powers

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The new Mustang GT500 Specs are very amazing. You may have seen how GT350 and its brother, GT350R have ‘waken up’ the competitors. If you have been satisfied with both of them, what you will do when the big brother, GT500 comes to the show? Indeed, Ford even claims the new GT500 will be equipped with more HP even will surpass Hellcat that has 700 HP. This war is not to miss. There will be two muscle cars on the street that are ready to the battle of power and performance.

Thanks to the hardwork of Ford’s engineers who have made Mustang GT500 with even more powerful HP that has never been imagined as Hellcat has its comfortable crown for long time. This time, based on the report, Ford is serious in saying that GT500 will beat Hellcat. Many of us wonder what will be implemented under the hood so makes Ford so sure if new GT500 will surpass the power of Hellcat. There are some clues that can reveal what Ford did to GT500. You will get amazed with this.

Actually, it is still early to know what inside under the hood of Mustang GT500 as the carmaker has not said anything about it. But, we heard that Ford is even working very hard to build and develop Direct-Injection to be implemented to the new powerplant. We can expect 5.0 EcoBoost will be equipped GT500 for the debut. Some reports also said that it is not a secret anymore if Ford is developing 5.0 Twin Turbo engine. Any of it, something powerful will be implemented under the hood.

It is not only the power that makes Mustang GT500 more impressive but also how it is built. Remember that this car is used for earth-rotating, freeway runner and straight line. So, it needs the right material for the body and chassis. Ford has reduced the weight for new F150 as well as in the new GT350 and GT350R as the use carbon forged plastic, aluminum fenders and fiber wheels. Then, we can expect if GT500 will be equipped with extreme use of the aluminum and also carbon fiber.

GT500 will be released as 2017 model year. The preview of the car will be shown soon. This becomes more interesting as Ford claims there will be 12 new and high performance vehicles that will be announced. You can say, they are GT350 and GT350R, Focus RS and SVT Raptor will be in that list. Overall, the Mustang GT500 Specs and performance will get full attention at the release.

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