Lamborghini Diablo 2014: Evolution of Lamborghini Diablo

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It is strange if you hear Lamborghini Diablo 2014 as the latest production of this car is in 2001. The current model that is ongoing is Lamborghini Gallardo. However, you cannot forget Diablo as the first concept of super car in the future. It starts from 1990 when the car was introduced at the first time. It was equipped with 5.7 liter 48 valve of Lamborghini V12 engine. This engine made an output 485 HP. It was so impressive at that time. The sprint from 0 to 60 was 4.5 seconds with 202 mph as its top speed.

In 1993, VT version was also introduced. This model came in all-wheel drive model. There were new brake calipers, engine refinements and power steering. New updates could be seen from Diablo SE30 and also SE30 Jota. These series come in limited units. They were produced at the Lamborghini’s 30th anniversary. The engine boosted 518 HP. Jota also had extensions to make it has the look of circuit racer. It was impressive as the car had lower weight and equipped with carbon fiber seats.

In 1995, Diablo SV was made. It was shown in Geneva Auto Show. This car is able to produce 503 HP. At the first time, it was expected to be priced higher till breaking the bank. What a surprise! It was priced just same with the standard Diablo. New accessories were added. It was only 20 units made for America. Then it was known with Monterey Edition. Still in the same year, Diablo VT Roadster was also produced.  It was added with carbon fiber targa. Several cosmetic changes were added.

In 1999, Diablo SV had a facelift. SV replaced the base model. It was powered with V12 engine. This engine produced 523 HP that makes this more impressive. At this time, both Diablo VT and VT Roadster came with new engine. It was boosted with V12 that pumped out 530 HP. Alpine Edition was produced for America. It was said there was no big change. It was only for the huge sound system as well as some carbon trims that are new. At that year, Diablo GT came as another option racer just like Jota.

In 2001, it is the year where Diablo came with more improvements for the power. It is for Diablo VT 6.0 liter and VT SE that produced 549 HP. They were the most powerful Diablo versions from the lineup. After that, Diablo was retired. Hopefully, it was not only for the rumors of Lamborghini Diablo 2014 but also the production that will surprise the worlds in the next model year.

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