Ford F150 Atlas: So Popular Pickup Truck in the U.S.

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Ford F150 Atlas is still dominating the pickup truck in the U.S. So, when it comes with new improvements, this truck deserves to get special attentions. This truck is better known as F150. The new model has not yet released including for the actual information. However, based on some reports, we have clues to inform you. The big major of this new model is from the capacity improvement, fuel economy and also modern technologies as well as updated features.

You can look at the futuristic look from the front to the back. Indeed, this truck has impressive design for both the interior and exterior. The price is very competitive. It seems this truck will have a bright future in the market as the new improvements and powerful performance added to this truck. But the price is close to the competitors whereas it has more to offer including the clear visibility from inside or the cab. No wonder if the release date of this new F150 Atlas has been waited.

This new Atlas has aluminum platform. It means the bodyweight will be reduced. It is even said more than 700 pounds lighter than before. This diet is very impressive. Both exterior and interior design has been refreshed. From the outside, this truck looks even more powerful with its strong muscles. The headlights are impressive as well as the new grille. Inside, this truck offer very comfortable cabin starting from the seats, dashboard to the new features. All is well equipped.

For the engine, there are four choices. The base model is with 3.5 liter V6 engine that can boost 383 HP as well as 255 lb ft of torque. The higher engine is with V6 engine 2.7 liter EcoBoost. It delivers 325 HP. The torque is 375 pound feet. Third option is 3.5 L EcoBoost engine. It makes an output 365 HP and also 420 pound feet of torque. The last engine is 5.0 L V8 engine that makes 360 HP as well as 380 lb ft of torque. These engines are powerful and impressive.

For the price, the carmaker has not yet released. However, based on the previous model, we can estimate that this new Ford F150 Atlas will be priced from $25,000 to $53,000. The more packages you pick, then the price will be higher. It means you have this truck with higher performance. So, it depends on what you want as well as how much budget you have.

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