Dodge Barracuda: Rumors That Will Come True

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Dodge Barracuda has been missed by the enthusiasts even for the rivals. No wonder if the name is once more mentioned. There are rumors and speculations that say Barracuda will be back to Dodge. Some believe it and others don’t. However, we can say that Barracuda will come back as a muscle car in the same size with Camaro or Mustang. Based on 2015 Nevada dealer, it said that this car will come with modern stylish. It has cues that are taken from the concept of 1999 Dodge Charger. The size will be smaller than the latest model of Challenger.

This car will be produced in both convertible and coupe model. The engine will be with twin-turbo V6 or with V8 engine. If it comes with V6 engine as the top powerplant, then it will generate more powerful performance than what you can find in the latest 5.7 Hemi. But it may have 392 HP. The car will be responsive and strong. It depends on what the technologies are equipped. There will be an electric motor or with small startup turbocharger that will make an instant acceleration.

In 2012, it is said that Barracuda concept and styling was in progress. Other reports said this car will be much more modern compared with Challenger. In April 2013, some of the body parts have been being tested. In 2015, this car seems will be ready to come back although it missed the plan as the 2014 model year. But, it will not reduce the wonders of the enthusiasts who have been waiting for the excellence, power, performance and indeed the muscular look.

You may have a question related to this. Will this muscle car be made under the name of Dodge? Will it be called with Barracuda? The report said, the name Barracuda will not be used anymore due to the disappointment or shame of the enthusiasts about the name that is re-used by Dodge for the car that has no look and performance as the original. So, the answers of those questions remain mystery. We can just wait for the latest actual information.

Therefore if you ask about the price and date release, it is too early. We can only speculate and hope that Dodge Barracuda will come back with more stylish look. We may get surprised when this car is firstly re-introduced next year. Many of us have been waiting this car to bring the legendary history to the new competitors that are still ongoing developments.

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