Cadillac LTS 2016, New Release to Blow Your Mind

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It is reported that in 2016, there would be a competitor of the dominant luxurious cars from Germany by releasing Cadillac LTS 2016. This car is a tool made by Detroit automobile maker that is now trying to achieve. What this car uses is a distinctive platform which has been especially extended for it. The model will be as quite the same as S series class, but what makes it different is the different touch to the absolute sedan class.

If you ask about the price, there would be no clear answer. It is not yet published to public how much the price is. However, if we consider the look, the design, and the appearance, also the engine, some experts of car would predict that more or less, it would be $75.000. And if you are not patient to wait for the release any longer, there are some who report that it will be launched at the end of 2015. The launching date, on the other hand, has been fixed.

The design of Cadillac LTS 2016 will be predicted as the model in which it is something particular; it is because the deigned is considered as the inspiration from Cadillac earlier models. It is sometimes quite similar to Quattroporte, quite low and quite wide, and it has long design, too. From the official provider, we could see a car having long cover; it is the characteristic of Cadillac grille. It has also two huge headlights which extend the length half of the border fenders. Well, actually it looks more like a coupe and it is seated on the 21-inch wheels.

The engine of this car will use all new kind of power trains. These types will include three choices from which are a crossbreed.  This will have V6 aspiration with the combination of four wheel driving system and electric motors. So, this car will possess more or less 350 horsepower and 400 lb ft of the torque. Then it should be combined with CVT gearbox.

The other thing interesting about the Cadillac LTS 2016 is the interior design. Some people believe that the company has made the car’s interior the most spectacular thing in the whole car. What makes it considerable is that this car only has four seat arrangement which is very few in the nowadays car. What it is intended by four seats is that there would be more comfort for the back seats.

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