Bentley Mulsanne Interior: Not Change Much, Still Convenient

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Bentley Mulsanne Interior may not change much but overall, it is still convenient as always. But, it doesn’t mean you will not see the upcoming Mulsanne does not have any changes. Looking at the rival, Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II that has a new look, it makes Mulsanne present new updated look. The visuals are refined, the technologies are updated and more. For the rich owner, this car is still impressive and convenient although the improvements are not much. But it looks little bit fresh from front.

Let’s see the interior design. Just like has been said before that there are no much changes inside, so you will not expect the newer look for the Mulsanne’s interior. Small updates are enough for this limousine to get more attentions due to its pleasant interior design that is kept till five years. Technologies are updated inside such as the infotainment system that is updated and 10.2 inch Android tablet that is installed for the back seats as the rich owner will spend their times in this seat and many more.

Same as the interior, the exterior design doesn’t change much. It has been five years for not having visual update. But today, it is surprising as Mulsanned has facelifts such as the new bumpers, reshaped grill and also revised headlamps. Although it is not much, but it is very easy to say the exterior design has visual update though for five years it still keep the timeless look. The exterior design still looks stylish and pricy just like always.

The engine is still same. It will equip with 6.75 liter V8 twin turbo engine. This engine can deliver 505 HP and 752 lb ft of torque. If it has updated internals, V8 should boost 520 HP and 780 lb ft of torque. This engine is paired in 8 speed of ZF automatic transmission. For the performance, it can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds to 5 seconds. The top speed is 155 mph. This engine is enough for keeping the power and fuel efficiency.

For the price, the carmaker still has not yet informed. However, by looking at the previous model, where this limousine is priced starting from $290,000 then it is not overwhelming if this face-lifted version will start from $300,000. So, overall, the new Bentley Mulsanne Interior will keep its convenience although there is no much change. You can compare with the rivals from the interior and exterior design to the price. See more details of 2015 Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II.

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