Barracuda Dodge: Is It Reborn by the Same Name?

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What do you think about Barracuda Dodge? Many enthusiasts don’t believe it. However, the rumors say that Dodge Barracuda will be ‘on again’ after it is retired. It means Dodge will have a muscle car that has the same size as Mustang and Camaro. It will come with more modern styling than before as it will reborn at the new age of muscle car. It may be equipped with retro badge. The automaker may think about ‘nostalgia design’ as there have been more people dreaming for Barracuda.

The exterior design will not exactly copy the previous model of ‘Cuda as it had been retired from 40 years ago. It will absolutely come with a fresher age pony car design. Contemporary chassis will be equipped with a lot of line combos. From the front to the side and back of the exterior design will come a very new look but sure it will not lost the pure signature of Barracuda. We can expect the outside will be much different with the original shape as many enthusiast less than enthusiastic to it.

The interior design should be sporty, modern, and sophisticated as it must be. The dash is curved impressively. Contemporary materials are equipped. Here, everything about features, technologies are possible to be equipped as long as they will support the design and desire of the carmaker. So, you can expect more just like how the interior designs and features of muscle cars in these days. Indeed, there will be a lot of changes inside including for the safety features.

Then how is the engine? It is actually still early to say about the engine as there are no more actual details about this new Dodge Barracuda. Even, whether the carmaker will use that name or not still remains mystery. However, we can expect this Dodge Barracuda will be equipped with number of powertrains as what you can look at Camaro and Mustang. It can be with turbo engine from four to V8. If it comes with more powerful engine, it will not surprise us.

Same as the engine that is not yet confirmed, both the price and release date are still unknown. But, you can expect this Barracuda Dodge will come in 2016. The price will be about $25,000 for the base model and $50,000 for the top model. Just make sure the price can be higher as there will be more improvements including advanced engine that is not only powerful but also efficient.

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