Audi S4 Specs: Same Powerplant, More Powerful Performance

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Audi S4 Specs are becoming more impressive with more changes. But although there are major updates, the iconic look with timeless accents will not be replaced. It still looks fresh. Audi has been developing power in some models. This includes for S4 that is not only coming with new design of the exterior and refreshed interior but also the engine. So if you expect the new S4 will come with more performance, you should be happy as S4 will go on that way. It is even more impressive.

The exterior design is very appealing with a new face of Audi. It has the same inspiration with A4. Even you can say S4 will inherit the new sedan design. Here, you will see S4 is larger than the predecessor. It is still more aggressive. S4 looks sharper and comes with more aerodynamic design. Look at the new grille at the front as well as new LED headlamps. It makes S4 becomes more sophisticated. The taillights are enhanced with really elegant look. Overall, the exterior design is aggressive and impressive.

For the interior design, you will see the same look as A4’s. S4 has redesigned interior design. The cabin is equipped with new features while the dashboard looks cleaner. It is roomier since this car has larger and wider body. Infotainment controls are repositioned. Remember that this is high class sedan design. So, the interior design will keep the exclusive touches with classy accessories. New features and advanced technologies are also equipped. Besides that, the seats are very comfortable.

S4 will keep the powerplant of 3.0 liter V6. But, it has new engine. It is equipped with turbo engine instead of supercharger engine. Then the output is 354 HP and 369 lb ft of torque at 1,300 rpm. This power is more than the previous model. It is 21 HP and 44 lb ft of torque improvement. Sprinting is impressive since from 0 to 62 mph it can reach it in 4.7 seconds while the top speed is 155 mph. Indeed, it is more impressive than before.

For the price, it depends on the trim level. For Premium Plus, it is priced starting from $48,000. For the Prestige trim, it starts from $54,000. Each of them has different new features added. You can say this sedan is more than just impressive with the new features and improvements but the price is still competitive compared with the rivals, like 2015 BMW 335I and 2016 Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG Sport. So, what will you say about these Audi S4 Specs?

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