Ariel Atom V8 Has More Powers to Show

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Ariel Atom V8 has all expectations from the previous model. The previous model of Atom is breathtaking due to its power and performance. If you thought in that way, then you will be surprised with this new Atom V8. This car will not compromise to anything. This is a boxer, at the same time this is a boisterous weapon that you can drive. This new model just comes with mad machine due to the insane engineers. On your local track, this car will become a powerful ride instead of a racer car. Now, you have the right ride to swallow the tracks.

You will not say the exterior design of Atom V8 is like other cars you see on the roads. This is about speed, power, muscles and indeed extreme performance. So, the body is equipped with excellent material that is light but indeed powerful. The design or body shape is intentionally for speed. It is designed to catch the wind. So, it looks like a car for fun on the tracks instead of for your daily car. What you will like here is about the customizable designs. You can customize the body as well as the look.

Then, what about the inside? Things like windscreen, doors and roofs are not necessary for the Ariel’s world. So, don’t think like you are in the car that give you a warm and comfortable seat. No, you are in the middle of race. Everything is designed for this purpose. You will see LCD instrument that will show you the engine temperature, revs, pressures, current speed and other features like gear indicator and more that you need. The seat is indeed comfortable and designed for high speed performance.

How about the performance? Well, are you kidding? We are talking about Atom V8. It is powered with 3.0 liter V8 engine. The engine can deliver 500 HP and 284 lb ft of torque at 7,750 rpm. It is paired with 6 speed of sequential Sadev transmission. The performance is impressive. It can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds. The top speed is 168 mph. It is powerful for the local track. Just make sure you have the skills to handle this one on the track.

Pricing at $ 225,000, this car still get its own market as it is almost there is no a competitor except Caparo T1 that is priced at $375,000. This Caparo T1 car is also fast and even you can say it scarier. It will be always on fire. You will see Caterham Levante that is said will be more powerful and lighter comparing with Ariel Atom V8. But Levante is not as competent as Atom in the corner and street. It is priced under $185,000. Atom is produced in 25 units only.

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