2016 BMW M8 Specs to Beat Ferrari and Audi!

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Are you excited to know that 2016 BMW M8 will be launched soon? Well, though it is mentioned soon and you have to be patient, you need to at least know about 2016 BMW M8 Specs which include the model and the engine. This is a super amazing car that performs really well and really amazing.

Except for standard customer, for sure, the new 2016 BMW M8 is kind of a supercar. If you are asking about the price, it is still not really clear. But, some experts and people have predicted that it will be more or less $330,000 to $500,000. With this price, this is kind of a sign from the company that this car is included as a luxurious car in a luxury car industry. The model expectation is not only for a bunch of customers, but it is also to raise the sales. If you know, in 2013, the company had made a record the customers of BMW had reached bigger quantity.

In China, their marketing has increased up to 20% and it was the achievement in international car industry made by BMW. But, some people still say that it is unfortunate that BMW is still under the company of Mercedes. If you want to know more about 2016 BMW M8, you can attend kind of Automobile Fair held annually. In the event that is held by BMW, you can understand that 2016 BMW M8 is intended to be edition of a limited car.

Eco Vehicle that is designed with panel solar equipment and control design is the basic and central model of 2016 BMW M8. What makes this car different from I8 series is that M8 series are powered by fuel. For its body, this car has been designed to be lightweight; it is hoped only 252 kilograms. How they make it happen is by using light materials like titanium, aluminum, magnesium and CO2 fiber. It is hoped that the weight of this car will be lighter compared to its rival, Audi R8 which is 1,560kg and Ferrari 458 that is 485kg.

This car has V shape and that shape is intended to be means of good fresh air circulation in order to make the engine cool down easier. The company also wants to add some kind of a laser beam that is very useful at quicker speed. And talking about 2016 BMW M8 specs particularly interior, there would be carbon fiber and leather with high quality combination for the interior. The drive is expected on the rear wheels.

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